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It takes courage to be the author of your life.

When you are struggling through one of the difficult parts of turning your dreams into reality, you may wonder why you always get stuck with having to put up with so much fear and uncertainty. Why, you wonder, couldn’t I feel more courageous, like those other people do. You don’t feel courageous because courage is not an emotion. There is no such thing as feeling “courageous”. It is an imaginary emotion. Courage consists of doing what you said you would do even when you don’t want to. In the face of danger you have a choice to be the delegate of either your commitments or your feelings. It’s as simple and as difficult as that

Natural talents – both cats and squirrels can climb trees but only one lives up there. How about you and your job?

When we make career decisions, we often ask, “what are my competencies?” “What have I done before?” Those questions cause untold misery. They might convince a cat to take that job in the trees. Can you imaging how miserable it would be having to face another day trying to eat acorns and searching in vain for a nice, juicy mouse? A better question: “what sort of work would fit me naturally, perfectly?

Was I born with natural talents?

The old nature vs. nurture debate continues to rage. Some popular books say you were born a blank slate, that you can accomplish anything you want, you just have to put in the hours learning, that excellence does not spring from natural gifts (as well as lots of practice and good luck.) If that was true, we could search high and low and never find examples of innate gifts. Check out this video clip which blows the whole blank slate theory out of the water: 

Perhaps a better question is: will you struggle with work that isn’t a  fit or discover your best talents and put them to work?