The Pathfinder – Reviews

The Pathfinder: Reviews

A brilliant, passionately written book! If you want to have a career you will love, this is the one to read. I highly recommend it.”JACK CANFIELD  Co-author, The Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“An extremely helpful book for anyone seeking to create a career of meaning and satisfaction.”MARIANNE WILLIAMSON

A must-read for anyone contemplating a new career”  – The Washington Times

One of the finest books I have read in years. Will have a profound effect on the life of anyone who reads it.” -JOHN GODDARD

“The best resource available on career/life satisfaction and goal setting. Nothing I can say can do it justice. Take the first step in optimizing your career and your life by working your way through this book.”

“The Pathfinder is light-years ahead; Nick Lore has literally reinvented career counseling. If you want more than a job, this book is loaded with tools that really work.”

“As a career columnist and coach I’ve spent the last decade researching to find innovative career development tools. Most of what has been around for the last 25 years is job finding focused. If you need help with choosing your career direction, traditional tools will fail you miserably. All my mid-career clients who’ve been through the high school and college systems say, “There really isn’t much ‘life direction’ counseling going on!” The more recent career books on the shelf have made attempts to fill this gap, but most of them make only small improvements to traditional tools that never really worked. Nick Lore has upped the ante . . . raising the bar of the career counseling profession to a whole new level.”

“The Pathfinder is brilliant. Nick Lore’s insights into human nature had me bursting into laughter, laughing at myself, and completely rethinking what a “career” is. Much like how transformational movies stick with you, Lore tugs on your heart and soul; you’ll never see your career in the same way. Despite your fears, he inspires you and gives you powerful tools to do something with your life. Nick Lore is a witty storyteller and social scientist who has invented a way to get you moving in the right direction. Intuitively, you get that the depth of Lore’s tools and inquiries can only come from someone who has committed himself to a life’s work. Rockport Institute’s approach to measuring innate talent and aptitudes is pure genius. Lore exudes a genuine-ness rarely seen, and you can tell he has lived and breathed this stuff. On top of all that, The Pathfinder is wonderfully written and even has cool illustrations.”

“I’ve been using this program in my private practice. My clients all say they wished they had this before they went off to college and majored in the wrong field. They are getting results, and changing their lives . . . simply amazing. Once you’ve “done” this book you’ll wonder why it hasn’t yet become a key component of our educational system. In this regard, I highly recommend The Pathfinder to successful but unhappy professionals, hard to please dreamers, and anyone who knows something is missing in their work but can’t put their finger on it.”

“To better guide future high school grads from the frustrations of spending lots of time and money on a degree that doesn’t fit, I also recommend this book to the US Secretary of Education, high school counselors, college career centers, and parents. Dear fellow career professionals, you are going to love this book. As a writer I quote from this book constantly, recommended it to my mother at 59, and use it exclusively with my career change clients. If you’re between the ages of 16 and 102, The Pathfinder just may well become your pocket guide for living an extraordinary life, or just keep hoping the answer will come someday.”

“Powerful, irreverent, transforming. As Mr. Lore points out, The Pathfinder is in a sense not even a book – it’s a process. If you’re looking for humorous, irreverent insights into the meaning of life, buy and read the book. If you want to transform your career into a wonderful fit between who you are and what you do, fully engage in the process. It takes years for most of us to shoe horn ourselves into careers we don’t love; it will take longer than a weekend of casual reading to figure out another way. I spent over four months working through The Pathfinder before committing to a radical change in my career. Mr. Lore proposes no quick fix but he does provide the necessary tools for those willing to work hard at the process.”

“Funny and Life-Changing. The Pathfinder is a brilliant guide to choosing a career and Nicholas Lore’s humorous insights into people and working made me laugh out loud. The book is well worth reading casually as Lore’s ideas about career choice and development are creative and pragmatic. But taking the book as a manual for making a decision, and a tool for progressing in the chosen direction, can be a profoundly beneficial experience. I like to consider all my options when I make a major decision and the logical structure of the exercises satisfied that concern. There are many valuable concepts which were new to me: ideas which come from Lore’s extensive experience as a career counselor and from his intellectual approach which is broader than any career book I’ve read (for example, Parachute). Parts of the book were really hard for me – as ‘personal growth’ is hard – and it helped that Lore comes across as such an appealing personality, with a degree of irreverence and irony that keep the book fresh. By the way, I am a 30 year old pre-med student, formerly an architect at a global corporate architecture firm. I think The Pathfinder had some useful insight on how to help my husband get over the shock of my career change too.”

“If you want a more meaningful career – one that meets your needs, personality, values, and professional objectives – then read this book now. It provides valuable, practical advice on how to design a career that truly engages you – something you enjoy going to in the morning, something that uses your potential and motivates you.”

“It’s not enough to just have goals and desires – you need to be able to execute and deliver. Mr. Lore provides thoughtful advice on how to execute your plan for a new, more rewarding career. With practical insights on human nature, the book includes sage advice on understanding your predicament and taking action. It includes dozens of diagnostic tools to get you on your way. And it provides helpful advice on how to market yourself and network to get that exciting new job.”

“Most books in this category come across as being thrown together in a weekend – no depth, no originality. You wonder what the publishers were thinking. In contrast to the norm, this book is thoughtful, practical, and compelling. An excellent read.”

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“Passionate about the subject of growth and what all renowned writers have to say about their personal journey’s, I was incredibly overjoyed to buy and read “The Pathfinder” by Nicholas Lore. Not only did I find the book engaging, brilliantly designed, funny and compassionate, I truly had an experience of clarity about myself and what I wanted to do professionally in the world after I finished Lore’s clear and effective processes. Instead of being left with a good “feeling” about myself, I was left with a real direction and set of action steps to take to meet my career goals. A powerful and impactful book to say the least, “The Pathfinder” is a master guide to knowing who you are and why you’re here and the designs that best reflect that information. If happiness is being in one’s full self expression, don’t miss this opportunity to get happier. I’m glad I didn’t.”

“The book has areas that could be applied more broadly than just in finding the perfect job. The author’s model that depicts human behavior as going through cognitive filters and being subsequently modified via feedback from the comparison of actual versus intended consequences of the original behavior is interesting. The idea of executing a cycle of accomplishment of creation, action, and completion by creating goals and implementing projects has a very practical ring to it. The author also has an interesting chapter on the life-games that people play including the notion of one or more “master” games.”

“THE MASTERPIECE GUIDE TO CHOOSING A NEW CAREER DIRECTION. I am a psychologist who began as a therapist and eventually decided to concentrate on helping mentally and emotionally healthy people achieve their life goals, especially career goals. I have read all the career books and know most of the traditional techniques that are used to help people searching for a career they will love. There is a growing cadre of authors and theorists who try to help those seeking extraordinary lives. Most of what they have to say sounds good but doesn’t necessarily work very well. This book is the exception to the rule. I hesitate to use the word masterpiece for a career book, but this one comes pretty close. There is no other career book I know of that has even one tenth the power of this one. If you immerse yourself in this book, if you let it work its magic on you, you can have a career you love. It actually guides you through the entire process of designing a new career direction that will be highly satisfying and practical. The author says that only about ten percent of educated Americans love what they do for a living. If you want to be one of those people, get this book.

I use it with many of my clients. It works so well that I am continually amazed. Most of my clients are mid-career professionals wanting to make a change to a new career direction but it should be equally good with recent grads. No matter what your situation or challenge, “The Pathfinder” covers it with power and effectiveness. Deciding on a career direction requires you to think about many different areas, such as your natural talents, personality traits, goals, purpose, and so forth. One reason this book is so good is that it helps you to dig a little deeper and make definite decisions about each important area. It speaks to your heart, soul, gut, and spirit as well as to your brain. The author knows people well and understands that we have barriers and “yeah but” thoughts that stand in the way of fulfilling our most delicious dreams. The book teaches you how to deal with your issues, concerns and “roadblocks” in ways that are very effective. It is one of the very best “life” books, which is what makes it such a great career book. It is wonderfully written, both magical and practical. As a longtime extraordinary quote fanatic, I have cribbed many from “The Pathfinder” for my collection. Here are three generally about succeeding in “going for it”.

“A passionately lived life is not always comfortable. Going for it involves being open to all of life – the joys, the sorrows, the mundane as well and the magic, the splendid victories, the most abject defeats. You might even stop closing your eyes during the scary parts of the movie.”

“True independence means being free from the domination of your own internal automatic behaviors, not doing what you feel like when the urge strikes.”

“The secret to perseverance is a simple one: have a bigger commitment to getting the job done than to attempting to control your inner feelings and sensations.”

It is not a book for everyone. “The Pathfinder” is not a “7 easy steps to paradise” sort of thing. It is a big book, full of powerful ideas you can put into practice to get you to your goal. I suggest you read all 30+ reviews here on Amazon. The few negative reviews will give you clues about what kind of person this book is inappropriate for. If you expect to decide in a few days or think you will not have to really stretch yourself, this is not for you. But if you realize that deciding what to do with your life will take all of your heart and soul, and could take one or several months to get to the final decision, this is the one and only guide you need. Tuck it under your arm and head down the path to a career you love.”

“You may have all the goals and projects charted out on paper, but without COMMITMENT they will just remain there. I have come across this emphasis on commitment in many other books. But in those books it just stood as another word and I didn’t know how to get myself to do things just by reading the word and telling myself I should be more committed. Whereas Lore shows HOW to make the word work for you. Lore’s approach is simple and at the same time absolutely powerful. The reason why you have no commitment is you don’t know clearly enough what you are committed to. So make your internal voices about what you want to do louder and stronger. That way you increase your chances of listening to them instead of being distracted by the negative thoughts which Lore calls “Yeahbuts”. That is how you get committed to what you want to do. I have tried this out and have been able to do things which I earlier kept putting off. So, I believe in it.”

“The prose is very easy to read and at the same time fresh and entertaining. All along you feel Lore is talking to you and his trick is to induce you to think for yourself and eventually arrive at conclusions which more or less coincide with his own. Nowhere does he say that what he says is the one and only truth.”

“This book has some excellent chapters on behavior change and the philosophy of living in the present. I thought I had got some true enlightenment after reading Chapter 17 titled “Seven Keys”. There are some simple but powerful insights here that will hit you straight. Couple of ideas are worth mentioning – 1. We do not lack commitment, but commitment to bigger goals. If we are committed, then what is it we are committed to? The startling but true answer is you are committed to the life you are leading right now. 2. By thinking in terms of options you are only attempting to rearrange your life. But by thinking in terms of possibilities you are trying to expand and grow.”

“After I read these chapters, I started shooting off mails to my friends about how I have finally understood life. You can imagine how life-changing this book can be. Many of my friends do not have the patience to read books. But this time, I am going to gift them copies and get them to read at least this one book. Your mind will be cleared of lots and lots of confusion.”

“This type of material is usually what you expect in a book on cognitive therapy. The fact that the author has devoted whole chapters to these subjects shows that he has good first-hand experience in dealing with many candidates for career change. Self confidence and the courage to make changes are pre-requisites for switching careers.”

“If there is anyone better equipped (or more entertaining) than Nicholas Lore in this field, I would like to meet him. Not only is this a great methodology for finding your true vocation in life, it contains many invaluable exercises for finding out more about what kind of person you really are. Lore stresses continually that his are not meant to be accurate psychological descriptions but rather practical working models for finding your true passion.”

“This book has scarcely left my side for the last two years. I have discovered much, and continue to do so. Those I have recommended it to have not stopped thanking me. Of course, there is no silver bullet – but if you want it badly enough, this book is a necessity to speed you on your way.”

“Nicholas Lore can take you to the sweetest of waters. Buy this book and choose to drink.”

“The author does include a good description of various types of skills, talents, aptitudes — some of which I had never thought of before. For example, it never occurred to me that there is more than one kind of problem=solving ability. Lore mentions analytical reasoning and diagnostic reasoning as kinds of problem-solving abilities. But the corporate world is far more comfortable with analytical reasoning (solving problems by organizing things/concepts/info in a logical sequence).”

“Diagnostic reasoning, on the other hand, is more intuitive, and Lore gives as an example Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity when the apple fell and hit his head. An analytical reasoner, he says, would have concluded one should not sit under a tree with ripe apples when the wind blows. The corporate world is not so comfortable with diagnostic problem-solvers, as they may ferret out problems (and suggest solutions) to senior management, who may not even be aware a problem exists, and lead to the perception of this problem-solver as a boat-rocker.”

” PathFOUND! through this wise & wonderfully entertaining book, February 24, 2001 Reviewer: Katrina Galway from Palo Alto, CA United States This wonderful book is an inspiring and entertaining read- it launched a sea change in my life. Leagues ahead of other ‘parachute’ type books, Nick Lore’s approach is a tangible and systematic way to understand what type of work will bring you success and satisfaction. Rather than focusing on choosing a new job title “doctor/lawyer/musician” Nick puts the focus on what doing the job entails, and matching your disposition with the day-to-day realities of doing the career. It’s full of realistic and inspiring means to make the transition. Even if you do not intend to reinvent your career, the insights and tools Nick offers are valuable to stay connected and fresh, whatever you do.”

“Nick Lore has written an original and street-savvy career guide that gets to the heart of the matter: career satisfaction comes from work based on passion. The self-tests and written exercises cut to the core to help the reader to make an inventory of deepest desires and wants and then to commit to them. I particularly liked his advice on overcoming fear (about change or approaching prospective employers). His networking approach is efficient, simple and savvy, unlike many of his contemporaries who advocate informational interviews ad infinitum. His resume format is concise and effective, but requires the reader to get serious about priorities, experience and abilities.

“The book has an original, humorous style, appropriately jaundiced about conventional career changing/job hunting methods. There are many career books on the market (I think I have read most of them). Start with this one. You may find you won’t need to read another.”

“THIS IS THE BEST CAREER BOOK BY FAR I was, until two years ago, a very successful lawyer. But, from the first day of law school, to the day I walked out the door for the last time, I hated every minute of it. What could be worse than spending every day dealing with lawyers? I spent years wrestling with the big question: WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE? I knew I wanted to wake up with excitement rather than dread. I had no idea what that might be. I spent thousands on career counselors and read the better career books. Finally a friend gave me THE PATHFINDER, which had just been published. It was like a breath of fresh air. From the first chapter I knew I was finally in the hands of experts. The wisdom of this book is stunning, and best of all it works. I was finally able to make a decision, building it step by step. The book helped me design my new career from the ground up, custom tailored by me, for me. Now I wake up feeling like it is Christmas every day. What could be better? – John Fletcher”

“This book addresses motivational barriers to finding meaningful, personally satisfying work, as well as relevant elements such as temperament, natural inclination as opposed to skill, types of intelligence, and commitment.”

“Lore’s gift is to tread *emotional* minefields with a sure step (the reason this book has gotten the response evident here). He gently, wittily persuades the sensitive reader to an emotional recognition of the truths and truisms of life. And this is a whole lot different than *knowing* them intellectually.”

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“THE WHOLE BOOK IS ABOUT COURAGE, COMMITMENT AND RISK, which I believe is necessary for the kind of personal fulfillment we all want- and it’s written beautifully.”

“A great tool to change your life’s path”

“Pathfinder is by far and away the finest career change book we’ve read (of the multitudes available). Determining what you want to do — really — with your life isn’t rocket science, but is so fraught with emotional baggage and preconceived notions of what you are “supposed” to be doing, or “trained” to be doing, that it is difficult to break far out of the mold. Pathfinder’s simple step by step guide help with this. It may seem easy, or simplistic, but it forces you to systematically analyze your own drivers, and then gives you the basic tools to use that information and turn it into a rewarding life.

There is no way we would have chosen this career without pathfinder helping us to determine what we loved.”

“I have read close to 30 books on the topic of life/career change, and “The Pathfinder” is light years ahead of everything I have come across. Nick Lore provides the most comprehensive program to date to help people design a career that’s right for them (applicable to those just starting in the job market as well as career-changers). The book provides a series of structured Inquires to help readers find their right livelihood as well as guidance for getting into action on making these plans a reality. Lore serves as a “career coach” who doesn’t let his readers cave into their “yeahbuts” on why they think they can’t achieve their goals. If you are serious about getting the life you want, “The Pathfinder” is the single best source of guidance to get you there.”

“WARNING: You May Get More Than You Bargained For”

“…at any price this book offers so much for the reader. I bought two copies, one for myself and one for my son.

My son had just graduated from high school and we were both anxious about what was next. He didn’t have any strong interests, wasn’t looking forward to college or anything in particular. Pathfinder opened some doors for Tim’s thinking. It gave him ways of looking at himself and his aptitudes in a positive way, rather than the perspective he’d developed from teachers, family, friends and society.

For Tim, we opted to contact The Rockport Institute, the company founded by the author to provide more direct and personal programs for people engaged in a career search. Tim took advantage of their career testing program and through the results learned to look at himself in a new and different way.”

“THIS BOOK DESERVES TEN STARS I am a career coach with eight years of experience working with people wanting a new career – a better fit with their talents, more meaningful, a better work environment. I have to admit that, at times, I have felt that there was something important I didn’t learn in my master’s program in counseling. I have used books such as Parachute, Zen and the art of… and many others. They are o.k. but not great. I read a review here where a career counselor highly recommended The Pathfinder. I got it and it has changed my life completely. This is by far the best book for you if you are deciding on a career or thinking of changing, if you want a very fulfilling life and are willing to go for it. This book is about having not just a great job. It is much more than that, a book about having a great life. The author is a genius. Besides that, he has the wisdom of a real Zen master, but unlike most wise men, he has no pretensions about it. He is just a regular person, and very cool at the same time. Most importantly, The Pathfinder is the only book I have ever found that can actually take you through to the point where you have actually decided what you will do with your life. Get it. You won’t regret it. I now use it with all of my clients. Not only is this THE book for people making their own choices, it is also the best book for people who want to be more skillful at helping their clients do so – coaches, therapists and so forth.”

“I’M A TOUGH CRITIC… REALLY TOUGH CRITIC I’ve read a lot of personal development books & used a lot of personal development tools. More than most people– make that MUCH more than most people. I guess I figure that the way to continually become a smarter person is to find a REALLY smart person & listen to what they have to say. I don’t typically rave about books, I’ve never posted a review on before but with this one I just HAD to.

Nicholas Lore is brilliant. His book spoke right to me. It could not have been a better training session if he had been sitting with me in my living room. His advice is right on, so painful at times it hurts…so true to life at times that you’ll laugh out loud. An excellent resource to help you take a good hard look at your life, your goals and your ability to have a career that leads to a lifetime of satisfaction & success. He helps you discover all of the right questions to be asking yourself… and he does it in a FUN way. I read it cover-to-cover in one weekend. And I did most of the exercises twice.

This book is not over anyone’s head. Nor is it written below anyone’s comprehension level. It’s straight forward, from the hip, talk about how to want it, plan it and get it. I’d recommend it for anyone who is committed to investing the time & effort to help yourself grow.

At $14 this book is a steal (oops, I hope Nicholas isn’t reading this). Invest in yourself!”

“You need to start your career search asking the BIG QUESTIONS (What do I want to do?, What are my natural talents and interests?, etc.), and I have found ‘THE PATHFINDER’ to be the single best book for this process. Lore has assembled a range of inquiries and approaches for self-analysis, decision-making, and implementation that I have yet to find in any other single collection.

‘THE PATHFINDER’ distinguishes itself in that it gives specific procedures for mastering the most important aspects of the career search process. It also correctly points out the relationship between your career goals and objectives in the other areas of your life.”

“Mr. Lore’s effort is personal, born of his own search. He will invite you to ask penetrating questions of yourself, and complete some simple exercises to concretize your thoughts and feelings.

This book can serve as a travel guide to your soul and in so doing, surprise you with things you never knew about yourself. Following some of the trails you may discover painful vistas that overlook past disappointments and loss. You may need to reevaluate the fuel you’ve been using as it might have been loaded with pathological and compulsive octanes.

Yet with courage, patience and perseverance, as with most journeys, you will find yourself at the crest. The wintry landscape of your past endeavors behind you and the rich and verdant fields of your new life at your feet.”

“Passion, fulfillment, joy, contribution – it’s yours!, Do you want to wake up each day and do your passion in life? That can be your job. It’s up to you. Don’t know how? I didn’t either until I met “The Pathfinder.”

Recently, I retired from 30 years of public education. Too young to really retire, I decided to look into other “work,” a truly daunting task. Then I met Nick and his book, “The Pathfinder.”

“The Pathfinder” takes your on a journey which gets you to really determine what you’re committed to in life. Not wants, but real bedrock passion and commitment. You can get your life! It’s a great trip.”

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“I wrote curriculum for over 15 years. I know well what works when it comes to a step by step guide. This may well be the best I’ve ever read. I give it as a gift to friends all the time.”

“One friend recently discovered that his true passion was writing. He gets up early each day to write. He just changed jobs. I’ve never seen him smile so much. He’s loving life. It started with “The Pathfinder.” You can even use it to contact Nick and get personal coaching along with the book. Not essential, but clearly a great bonus. So stop reading, and order it today. Oh yes. I found my passion. I start working next week with an incredible program, an internship year for high school graduates.”

“After a rather hard day at my new job I was ready to chuck it all. The passing days were more and more worrisome. Through journal writing and a lot of self examination I realized that I probably wasn’t in the best field. I came across this book and so far it has been great. Chapter 12 (Why You Don’t Get What You Want) and Chapter 13 (The Power of Commitment) are worth the price of the book. The best line that illuminated it all for me was in chapter 13 where Lore states “Most of us, for the most part, are committed to comfort, low risk, and equilibrium.” We don’t want to work at life we want it all to come without upset or problems. When this happens we say we are happy. When it doesn’t, we look for solutions or wallow in our despair. While I haven’t finished the book yet, the information contained within has helped changed my attitude and recognize the multitude of “yeahbuts” that plague my thinking. Get this, read this, and learn this book.”

“THE BEST CAREER SELECTION BOOK. MAYBE THE BEST LIFE BOOK! Offers an extraordinary set of exercises (Inquiries) that will lead you to identifying and obtaining a great job. But, beyond the career-focused information, this book contains many secrets on living a wonderful life! I particularly benefited from the chapters on:

  • Goals and Projects
-Mastering Personal Marketing
  • The Power of Commitment
-If You Get Stuck. As you can see, these topics are critical to almost everything you do
  • Not just for finding a great job. Bottom Line: Get this book, Study it, Do the Inquiries, Take action, and have a wonderful life!”

“A simple five-star rating does not fully capture the quality of this book. I recommend The Pathfinder as the sole resource for anybody who is choosing a first career, career change, or any life event that requires a deep understanding of one’s core interests and goals in life.
I have always felt that people who offer the best advice are those who are able to frame the right questions. Nicholas Lore has mastered this art. The Pathfinder enables the reader to discover his/her most hidden desires and provides a guide to identify a career that incorporates each of these desires.

Reading the Pathfinder (and completing ALL of the Inquiries) I was able to isolate the core elements of all my childhood dreams and identify a career that incorporated each of these elements. Within four months I was able to secure a my dream job. As a bonus, the career I chose provided me with a 40% pay raise (not to mention equity in the company).

I highly recommend this book to anybody who is tired of being controlled by their circumstances and truly seeks fulfillment from their work.”

“Helped me see that my natural abilities were being wasted!”

“First of all, the book is excellent in that it is very thorough — something that put me off initially. I was unrealistically expecting a more quick remedy type of book. However, after all the self-probing was done with, I realized that I was totally deluding myself about my current career selection — forcing myself to become a different person to fit my chosen profession. Although the author points out that it is useful to stretch yourself, he is against defying your nature. Another point emphasized in the book is that of making a commitment to your own wants. I was never really sure what wants I had until taking the time to write them down as part of this process. Overall, I really enjoyed Pathfinder because it focused on me genuinely facing my own nature and wants and was not vague in the process.”

” THIS IS ONE POWERFUL BOOK This is one of the best books I have ever read. It came highly recommended but I expected nothing more than a good guide to designing a new career. It is that and more. In the midst of working through it I discovered my assumption that I just needed to know more about what careers might fit me was scratching the surface. Under the surface was reality. I was living my entire life at a comfortable “equilibrium”, not going for having an extraordinary life. This book not only helped me get off my duff in terms of deciding on a new career but also on fulfilling goals in nearly every other area of my life. Whereas before I felt like I was just going with the flow and taking what life gave me, now I feel like the man on the cover of “The Pathfinder” steering my own ship in directions of my own choosing. The author mixes just the right amount of practical career design steps with deep wisdom about human nature. This is a good book for you if you want to have a life you love and the part you want to deal with now is having a career you love. It is also funny, very well written and fun to read, except when you are working on the hard parts of figuring out what you will do. It might not be for you if want to take the easiest road to picking a career or just want to read anecdotes and theories. If you want to dig into deciding what to do with your life, this is one powerful book!”

“I am very sparing with praise like this, but this book helped me to change my life. I changed careers approximately 1 year ago, with the Pathfinder as one of my key decision making aids. One of the things the book urges you to do is to make a list of commitments that you will fulfill in your new career. I recently looked at my list and I doing well on all of them. The Pathfinder tools helped me to make my career change with the required confidence to make it successful.”

“This is the very best career decision making book I’m a career counselor in private practice, working with mid-career changers and young people making these decisions for the first time. This is one of only two books I recommend to my clients. “The Pathfinder” is the only book capable of completely guiding an intelligent person through the process of choosing a career direction. The author is probably the best career coach on the planet. He is a sort of humorous, down-to-earth Zen master, who understands you completely, and knows how to get you to look into all the areas of your life that are important to consider in making a great career choice. These days, many of the best career coaches/counselors/guides base their way of working with their clients on his methods. The book is both profound and practical. It will work for you if you are seeking a life of meaning and purpose and also if you simply want your career to fit you “like a custom-made suit”.

The book has much to offer: a well laid-out text(conceptually and aesthetically); well-turned advice; anecdotes and quotes worth cherishing; politely insistent guidance for a few hundred hours of serious and hopefully thrilling work. All carried out with a uniform polish – a joy to finish reading.”

“Read the book and MAKE LIFE HAPPEN. I worked with Nick to find my perfect career before the book was published, and now it’s like having him in my living room whenever I want. His Career Choice Program has been developed over years of committed work and in the book he distills much of this hard-fought wisdom. His secret weapon? Nothing less than forcing you to work hard to ask and answer the right questions that will lead you to a clearer understanding of yourself and the right career for you.

More than just finding a career though, Nick helps you find a better way to look at your life’s work than you had before. His probing questions and clear focus on the questions of “meaning, mission and purpose” can give you an entirely new perspective on the important things in your life. I would rank Nick Lore head and shoulders above the rest of the career guidance field.”

“A Coach-In-A-Book to help find your true path Great Gift!”

“This book is different than all the other “career guidance” books out there today, and I have definitely read or browsed through most of them. It is like a mentor you can carry under your arm as you step toward the future you really want. It is a book everyone should read, and every young person, every middle age person and every tired of the so-so routine any age person should get as a Christmas present this year – it is fun to read in itself, as well as wise, interactive and genuinely useful in helping anyone pin down what is important to them in how they choose to spend the majority of their waking hours – I loved it and have sold copies to virtually everyone I know. If you are thinking about reading any book about finding the job of your dreams, THIS IS THE ONE TO READ! You’ve got to read it!”

“This is the best Graduation gift any student could receive!”

“As a recent college graduate, I have been perplexed about how to turn my degree into a career that I love. After several months in a fellowship that I thought would lead me to the career of my dreams, I realized that not only did I not like my work, it was a completely wrong fit for me. None of the career advice I had ever received prepared me at all for finding that “right fit.” Reading Lore’s book has forced me to stop moving ahead in what seemed an inevitable process, challenge myself to find out what exactly it is that I want and then go out and make it happen. He is clear, honest, and persuasive in his efforts to get the reader to confront him or herself. I can think of no better gift for a young person starting out in life.”

“The most honest, effective approach to finding your career.”

“Lore’s comments are not only full of genuinely useful insights, but are a joy to read. His exercises are the best I have found in helping the reader to “know thyself.” What I particularly appreciated was Lore’s encouragement and honesty, because some of the exercises are hard work. Another refreshing change in his approach is that he has you taking advantage of your weaknesses rather than ignoring them or making unrealistic promises to improve in the future. He is also honest enough to tell you that if his book does not work for you, find one that does. Nicholas Lore does not claim to have all the answers or own THE ONE TRUE WAY to find your career, but he has some extraordinary exercises and insights you will find in no other book.”

“BUY THIS BOOK!!! Lore’s book is an invaluable tool for anyone considering a change in career or life. The author employs a series of highly interactive exercises that actually make you think (EECKKK!) about what makes you happy and what you are looking for in a career — I found this much better than just being passively led through another “self help” series of clichés. I stumbled upon this book by accident and it has been a very pleasant surprise, although not all of it is easy to face.”

“Excellent book to plan a change in career”

“It was like Mr. Lore was reading my mind. I’m planning a career change and I needed help. The questions he asks in the exercises are probing and ultimately enlightening. His book has been like a life preserver, as I feel my career has hit an iceberg in the ocean of work.”