Our Books

Take a close look at our coaching process. Or take the controls yourself.

Rockport’s founder, Nicholas Lore, has written a pair of best-selling career guides encapsulating our breakthrough methodology.  Passionately written and eminently readable, they are an informative and inspiring introduction to the science and philosophy at the foundation of all our programs. Many clients use them as a companion to Rockport career testing and career design. Others with the discipline to self-assess and go it alone and have found these manuals sufficient to help them plot their own new career course.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: “Even though these books are widely appreciated, I assert that no book is capable of duplicating the effectiveness of a competent career design process. One reason is that, when you go it alone, you are engaged in a monologue and depend on your own insights and points-of view. Another is that our Career Choice Program is custom-designed for each client. You’ll do exactly what works to get you to your goal of choosing the perfect career. Career design works best with expert coaching.“

How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success

A brilliant, passionately written book! If you want to have a career you will love, this is the one to read. I highly recommend it.” –JACK CANFIELD  Co-author, The Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“An extremely helpful book for anyone seeking to create a career of meaning and satisfaction.” –MARIANNE WILLIAMSON

One of the finest books I have read in years. Will have a profound effect on the life of anyone who reads it.” -JOHN GODDARD

“The best resource available on career/life satisfaction and goal setting. Nothing I can say can do it justice. Take the first step in optimizing your career and your life by working your way through this book.”

“The Pathfinder is light-years ahead; Nick Lore has literally reinvented career counseling. If you want more than a job, this book is loaded with tools that really work.”

The Young Person’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Career

“I bought Now What? for my daughter who just graduated from college – I had read The Pathfinder, which is Lore’s first book, and liked it immensely. I liked the tone, and the strategies he presents for people who want a career change. Let’s face it, many many graduates have not given as much thought as they should have to their future careers. So many major in subjects of great interest to them, but useful in the job market only if they go into academia. The career counselors at colleges and parents are not much help. It looks like parents often want their kids to do what they themselves would want to do, and career counselors are thinking about the demands of the job market, not the specific student’s needs.
Long story short, young people often don’t know what they really want, and this book is a useful tool, complete with diagnostic tests, for them to figure it out.”