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Together we find your entrepreneurial sweet spot.

Most people start or buy a business focused more on financial projections than personal projections – how the business will fit them as an individual. They study the potential market while neglecting the business’ most important person – themselves: is this a business that can hold your attention, fit your talents, and mesh with your personality, skills, idiosyncrasies, goals, intentions, management style and problem-solving abilities?

When the buck stops with you, your business had better not stop being enjoyable. Because that will add more weight on your shoulders than you can or want to support.

Every entrepreneur is good at some things and less so at others. That’s exactly what the Entrepreneur’s Program will identify so you can invest your money, time and talents wisely.  Working collaboratively with Rockport founder Nicholas Lore, you will systematically look back over your professional and personal history, gathering one clue at a time about your innate talents and capabilities and where you best fit within the business world.

Step by step, Mr. Lore will help you turn those clues into the essential components of your next business, specifying the shape it should take. Through this series of discoveries and decisions, all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. From the specific type of business, pace of the enterprise and the kinds of people you should to work with to your primary responsibilities, and how to best achieve your goals, you’ll achieve real certainty about all those so-called  “intangibles” of business success. 

Invariably, our clients discover that there is a lot more to choosing the right business than they’ve read about in typical business books and articles.  They see pitfalls they could have easily stumbled into and opportunities they might have ignored.  We are not accountants, lawyers or financial experts, so we don’t presume to help you decide the market or financial viability of a business you are thinking of buying. But we do give you the insight to know the kind of business and environment that best suit your unique abilities and personality.

Sessions are typically conducted by telephone for your convenience. If you live near or travel to Washington, D.C., we welcome face-to-face discussions at the Rockport offices. Depending on the individual, the process can take from several weeks to three months: Mr. Lore stays with you until you know with certainty the kind of venture that will work best for you and lead to its fastest and most coherent growth.

By getting the right questions, responding with researched and well-considered answers, and then whittling down your options, you will gradually narrow your compass heading to the point where you can say this with conviction:

I am sure what business I will go into. It will be challenging, of course, but
I will make smart decisions, have fun in the process, and have the best chance
of success, because it is the perfect fit for me.

If you’re considering an entrepreneurial venture for the first time and are uncertain about whether entrepreneurship itself is right for you, the Pathfinder Career Choice Program may be what you really need. Give us a call and talk with a Rockport staff person about the best program for your situation.

Call us at 301-340-6600 or email info@rockportinstitute.com


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