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Choose a business that fits you perfectly

The Entrepreneur’s Program is your failsafe against investing in a business that turns sour on you – a venture that becomes more pain than pleasure. It happens all the time. Gifted with high confidence and optimism, entrepreneurial types are inclined to focus on opportunities and ignore the importance of a close personal fit between their unique profile of talents, traits and other strengths.

Consider the retired instructor at the Navy’s Top Gun fighter pilot school who chose to buy a temporary-employment franchise.  It looked good on paper. But instead of working with gifted, gung-ho fliers, he now found himself babysitting some unreliable individuals – an experience he found frustrating, demoralizing and ultimately unsuccessful.  This business seemed like the right choice at the time but did not work out for him because of factors he failed to consider. Early on, the Entrepreneur’s Program would have raised red flags about this kind of business.

Or consider the entrepreneur who sold his successful high-tech business and then frittered away a couple of years unable to decide on a new venture.  Through Rockport’s Entrepreneur’s Program, he was ready in months to move forward in a direction he was sure was the right fit.

Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or a serial entrepreneur considering your next opportunity, we help you do the due diligence that ensures your absolute confidence that a business is the perfect match for you.

Do you really want to invest your heart and soul, time and money in an enterprise that’s not really the right fit for your talents, temperament or values? Working directly with Rockport founder Nicholas Lore, you’ll a step through a complete, systematic approach to helping you lay the best possible foundation for your future. As a result, you’ll be able to:

  • Choose a business that elegantly matches who you are and what you do well.
  • Greatly improve the odds that you will succeed.
  • Recognize the often-overlooked pitfalls that cause businesses to fail or to fail to be satisfying.
  • Decide which tasks you will do and which you should delegate to others.
  • Recognize areas where you may not have a natural bent, and where you will need to put extra energy into learning the necessary skills.
  • Find a vocation that you will enjoy, day after day, year after year.

Considering all that’s at stake, the Entrepreneur’s Program is a small investment in guaranteeing your competence and confidence in the venture you choose.  Read more about how it works, or give us a call to talk things over or to register.

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