The Pathfinder Entrepreneur’s Program™

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Your business must fit the market. But it must also fit your strengths.

The Pathfinder Entrepreneur’s Program™ is the one best way to make sure you choose the kind of business you’ll thrive in. Maybe you’re a veteran entrepreneur casting about for a new venture.  Or you’re a new entrepreneur who wants to be sure the business you choose is a good match for your abilities. Or your existing business is growing and now you need to decide which responsibilities to hold onto and which to give away.

In all these cases, you’ll come away from the Entrepreneur’s Program with absolute confidence in the answers.

Many more entrepreneurial ventures fail than succeed. Sometimes it’s bad marketing. Or bad finances. Or bad luck. But just as often it’s a plain bad fit. For more than 30 years, Rockport Institute has been helping entrepreneurs avoid this kind of mismatch by our systematic process of assessment, discovery and synthesis that represents the leading edge of career consultation and coaching.

As the result of the Entrepreneur’s Program, you’ll guarantee yourself an elegant match between who you are and what your business requires.  Step by step, you’ll consider all the factors that play a part in choosing a business that fits you perfectly. You’ll understand, as never before, your traits, temperament, goals, values, and expectations– and how all these facets combine to forecast the kind of work that will energize and inspire you day after day and give you your greatest chance at success.

Your colleague and coach in this process will be Rockport founder Nicholas Lore. Best-selling author and successful entrepreneur, commended by two U.S. presidents for his groundbreaking work, Mr. Lore personally facilitates the Entrepreneur’s Program for each client. Together, you’ll assess your natural gifts, discover essential components of a fulfilling business, and narrow the choices to specific opportunities.

Ensure that your own business is fun and personally fulfilling. Among all its challenges, incompatibility needn’t be one of them. The Entrepreneur’s Program will help you put in the thought and planning up front to make sure that the business you’re working in also works for you.

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