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Comprehensive natural abilities testing with expert interpretation

Pathfinder Career Testing begins with a series of 13 tests that measure everything most useful in fitting your career to your natural abilities and personality. The total time required for testing is typically 2.5 hours. The results are specific enough that, for example, many medical students use the program to pick a specialty.

As valuable as these tests is the one-to-one interpretation that is part of the testing program. Pathfinder Career Testing provides not only a test results document, written materials, and an in-depth audio that explains the areas we measured and why – the heart of the program is a conference with a Rockport staff coach/interpreter. You’ll come away with a new appreciation for your unique natural gifts, and have the essential insights for zeroing  in on a satisfying and successful career.

During this one-hour conference you and your Rockport guide will talk over your own unique situation in depth. You’ll discuss the issues that you are trying to resolve. You’ll get a clear sense of how your natural abilities and personality fit together. And you’ll receive suggestions about specific careers that best express your strengths.

For the first time, you’ll have with a clear picture of your innate talents. Your Rockport staff coach/interpreter will help you understand how your many natural gifts combine to define the kind of careers at which you would excel, and that promise you maximum success, fulfillment, self-expression, and appreciation.

Knowing your individual personality traits is vitally important to making the best career choices, but understanding how they combine is even more essential. Like a band, in which a song is played by several instruments at once, your natural abilities and personality traits “play” together in the functions and tasks you perform at work. People who like their work and perform with excellence have various components playing together in harmony. Another task may combine a different group of your talents. Understanding how these talents and traits fit together, and what careers will be the best expression of your unique profile is one of the big goals of your interpretation session. We are committed to making sure you experience your talents and traits rather than just providing data and information. People make much better choices when they know their gifts and talents rather than just trusting an expert’s opinion.

You do all the tests in the privacy of your home, guided by audios through the entire process. You send the tests to us to be scored. After which you receive the test results, along with an audio that provides a thorough understanding, in layman’s terms, of what we measured and why. This is the first step in understanding your natural talents and personality. After reviewing the results, we schedule your one-hour conference with a senior Rockport staff coach.

Pathfinder Career Testing is built into the Career Choice Program, Rockport’s comprehensive career coaching process. If you feel you’re not yet ready for Career Choice or you don’t feel you can afford it, Career Testing will give you an invaluable push in the right direction.

Read What you get from the Testing Program. Then register for Career Testing right here.  And of course, we invite you to contact us directly for clarification and good advice.

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