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A career change that fits your talents, traits, interests, goals and values.

Our career change program has proven itself thousands of times over by helping all sorts of people make insightful career decisions. The ranks of satisfied Career Choice Program clients are filled with executives, professionals, practitioners, technical, support and artistic people coming from many fields.  It will guide you toward an exhilarating new lifework, whether you are seeking:

  • a career change
  • more fulfilling, meaningful and realistic work
  • a career, not just a “job”
  • pre-retirement reinventing
  • to design the perfect career
  • to return to work

It is the most effective methodology we know for helping you decide on your future career. The Career Change/ Career Choice Program is recognized worldwide for its innovation and value.  Its designer, Nicholas Lore, has earned numerous commendations for his contributions to helping people achieve fulfilling lives.

President Bill Clinton praised his work, saying: “I am heartened by your efforts to empower people to lead productive and fulfilling lives…(Success) will ultimately depend on the dedication and commitment of individuals who, like you, care deeply about helping people reach their creative and productive potential…This is the kind of effort our country needs.” He is the author of the top-10 national bestselling  book, The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success.

But the best testimony is the praise and gratitude showered on the program by thousands of clients whose goals and desires have been fulfilled.

Why the Career Choice Program? On your own, it’s almost impossible to design a new career or job in a comprehensive and systematic way. This is one of the most important choices you’ll ever make. Most likely you have little or no training in how to do it well.

Who participates? Some clients come to us with a background that includes an extraordinary record of success. Others have found career success elusive because they have been in the wrong field, a less than ideal job, or perhaps have never really settled on one definite career path. Our coaching/counseling/consulting services serve a wide range of clients: c-suite to student, senior professional to beginner. What they all have in common is a desire to make a definite and specific choice about their future work, a career combining success and personal fulfillment.

In this program, you will get a clear picture of everything that really matters including your natural abilities, talents, aptitudes, personality, temperament, values, commitments, passions, habits, lifestyle and workplace needs. You will work progressively, in a step-by-step manner, considering, researching and answering all the questions you need to resolve to make the best decisions. Instead of just sorting out preferences, you will go much farther, defining and choosing specific elements of your future work. Then narrowing down and making a clear and realistic decision.

Through one-on-one coaching/counseling with a senior Rockport staff member, you’ll make critical discoveries about yourself. You’ll get the methodology, motivation and confidence to design a career that fits you – all of you – perfectly, or as close to perfectly as possible.

Unlike most career coaching and counseling, we don’t settle for a half-way approach. We provide the tools and expertise to define specific, definite, pragmatic elements of your future work, leading to a specific career choice, plus the steps to take and how to take them to achieve your goals.

In a step-by-process, you’ll consider, investigate and answer all the questions you need to make the best decisions, to select a best-fit career, and to take the actions required to achieve your goals. Some clients change to a completely different field, perhaps something they’ve dreamed about but thought unlikely. Some, who picked a career “that seemed like a good idea at the time” finally decide, for the first time, exactly where they are going. Others make a smaller incremental change that resolves their career issues.

More than 90 percent of the people who complete the Career Choice Program report that the results they wanted have been fully realized. Whether you’re still early in your working life, ready to make a change mid-career, or seeking a real career for the first time, the Career Choice Program is by far the most proven successful method to find exactly what works for you.

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