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Reach real clarity about what you will be doing with your life.

If you’ve dealt with traditional career counselors, you may already be skeptical of their value. Typically, their investigation is limited, their analysis superficial, the recommendations imprecise, and the whole process perfunctory and impersonal.

Not here. You’ll come away from the Career Choice Program positive about your perfect career and pumped up to begin. You’ll have a deeper understanding of what makes you unique – and uniquely valuable to your chosen career – and have a clear path toward achieving your goals.  Here’s what you can expect to gain:

  • A nationally commended career design process that leads to a concrete decision about the career that fulfills you best.  Rockport was the first organization to develop an effective career design process some 30 years ago, and we’ve been improving and refining ever since.
    • An accurate assessment of your natural talents, gifts, traits and more.  Only Rockport is so comprehensive – yet this panoramic view is an essential foundation on which to design your future career.
    • Expert coaching from a senior Rockport staff person steeped in our revolutionary approach that’s proven thousands of times over to be vastly more effective than traditional career counseling methods.
  • Real certainty about what you’re going to do. The career you design for yourself will be both practical and achievable. It will fit you, your interests, values, talents and temperament to a T. And, you’ll come away with an action plan to achieve it.
  • A career that fits everything important to you. Rockport was the pioneer in developing tools and methods that consider all of the important areas that make the difference in career fit, fulfillment and success.

If you wish, read the Career Choice Program Fact Sheet for the basics of where, when, how long and the costs involved. Or contact us get your questions answered directly from a Rockport staff member.

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