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We help you find the career that fits you like a custom-tailored suit.

Somewhere out there is a career that fits you perfectly. It’s a career that will fill you with excitement and enthusiasm every waking day. A career where you’ll use your talents to the fullest to do something you really care about. Where you’ll be successful, respected, and engaged in tasks you do well and you enjoy.

Unfortunately, many of us do a better job of choosing a car or vacation than in choosing our own careers. People who would never think of being their own doctor or lawyer make critical career decisions with little or no guidance. But what other decision in your life is so worth an investment in time, deliberation and expertise?

Rockport Institute has already helped more than 14,000 people find their perfect-fit careers. Nothing else compares to our game-changing innovations, our record of success, and our clients’ enthusiastic endorsements. For more than 30 years, Rockport has been advancing the state of the art in career design methodologies. Our programs include:

One size does not fit all. Whatever your situation, and wherever you are in life, Rockport has carefully designed a custom-tailored methodology to help you make the most intelligent and fulfilling career decisions. Click on any of these profiles to find out more:

  • Senior executives and professionals looking for their next challenge, whether in related or completely different fields.
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to identify their first, or next, big venture.
  • Mid-career changers in any field and at any age, ready to design and choose a specific new direction for maximum fulfillment, success and best fit.
  • Young adults who’ve found their original career decision to be less than ideal, and recent grads who know how important it is to make the best possible career decisions.
  • Students determined to make the right education and career decisions from the outset.

You may already know about Rockport through your friends, our best-selling books, or the many articles written about us in leading publications. In any case, you can dig as deep into our credentials, programs and methodologies as you wish right here, beginning with How You’ll Benefit from Rockport’s revolutionary and proven approach. Then, if you’d like to discuss it with us, call us at 301-340-6600. Or email

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