Career Choice Scholarships

Pathfinder Career Choice Program Scholarships

Rockport Institute offers full scholarships to the Career Choice Program to a few young people with extraordinary needs and extraordinary character.
Here are the requirements:

  • You are a young person between the age of 15 and 25, or you are a prisoner convicted of a felony and presently incarcerated. (If you are under 18 you must have your parent’s or guardian’s written permission.)
  • Your family’s total gross annual household income is less than $20,000. You and your family do not own real estate and do not have a net worth in excess of $20,000.
  • You write a letter to us that successfully convinces us that you are a person of character with a powerful commitment to living an extraordinary life. (You do not need a record of angelic deeds to qualify. In fact, our original purpose in offering this scholarship was to make the program available to current or former gang members in inner city neighborhoods. Then again, you do not have to be gangster to qualify.)
  • To “pay” for your program, you take on and successfully complete a personal project in your neighborhood or prison that transforms, changes or improves some aspect of life there – leading to a significant improvement in the quality of life. As a result of your project, the place you live becomes more committed to improving, safer, more beautiful or richer in cultural or educational activities. This project demonstrates your resourcefulness, creativity and commitment to make a contribution to others. Let us know what your project will be. We will then make a decision about offering you the scholarship. Your Career Choice Program begins when your project has been completed or is at a stage where we judge it to be mostly complete. The project must be a new endeavor for you – not something you have done in the past. Successful completion of a project that transforms the quality of life in your neighborhood is an absolute requirement. (Creating and fulfilling this sort of project will also permanently transform the quality of your life.) By the way, “neighborhood” could be defined as your town, city, country, or the entire planet.

The way to apply is to write to us. Tell us about yourself so that we really get to know you. Include photos if possible.If you have an idea for a project that may qualify, let us know about it.