The Pathfinder Career Coaching Training

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Learn from the creators of the field of career coaching.

If you’re engaged in, or considering a profession in career coaching, Rockport offers an advanced and comprehensive program of training, coaching, apprenticeship and mentoring. Rockport founder Nicholas Lore created and named the field of career coaching (as distinct from old-fashioned career counseling) more than 30 years ago with the encouragement and support of R. Buckminster Fuller, and several years before “life coaching,” and “executive coaching” became known.

Although we have many imitators, our ongoing commitment to research and improvement ensures that we stay the best. We are authors of two widely used and praised career guides, one is a national bestseller translated into several languages. Our founder has been commended for excellence by two U.S. presidents.

If you want to become a great career coach, at Rockport you’ll train with coaches as skilled as you hope to become. We’ve provided one-on-one career coaching to more than 14,000 clients – more than any other career coaching organization in the world. Our clients range from Fortune 100 CEOs to students.

Rockport’s mission is to help people have the most successful, productive, and fulfilling lives possible – including the coaches we train. We believe our client satisfaction ratings are the highest anywhere!

To learn more about how our career coach training works and what distinguishes it from all other methods, please read the FAQ, then contact us for further details.


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