Jobs at Rockport

One expression of Rockport Institute’s commitment to being the best in the world at what we do is the extraordinary talent, experience and training of our coaches. We’re occasionally able to add a new coach. If you fit the following description, we would like to hear from you:


<span “>Extensive coaching, training or counseling (and life) experience in a related discipline, working with highly intelligent clients making complex life choices. You must have a history of consistently producing extraordinary results with coaching clients. Most of our coaches have advanced degrees in related fields but this is not always absolutely necessary. Occasionally, we discover a brilliant coach with a somewhat different background.  What we care about most is ability, experience, emotional intelligence, passion, and extensive knowledge of the working world.


<span”>Personal qualities Very bright, quick and continual learner, practical, articulate, natural teacher, enthusiastic, passionate, persevering, warm, empathetic, encourages creativity and innovation, insightful, natural leaning toward problem-solving, getting to the heart of the matter, helping others gain insights about themselves, a high-level of personal integrity.


Psychologically healthy positive, enthusiastic, does not need to be managed.


Comfortable working with clients at all levels of professional position, with a wide range of personalities, capacities and points-of view including: CEOs, artists, professionals, technical people as well as students.


The ideal candidate is seeking a long-term, part time job. Our coaches work 10-20 hours per week. We work with clients mostly by phone and sometimes via internet phone with video,  so your physical location in the U.S. is not important .


In-depth understanding of Rockport methods and tools. You have read our books, The Pathfinder and NOW WHAT. You know them thoroughly and could discuss any topic or methodology covered at length. You have read extensively in related fields. You passionately believe that most career counseling and coaching is ineffective. You are a “true believer” in the practical idealism of Rockport tools and methods.


If this description fits you, please feel free to write