A Career Fit Checklist


Go over this list. Check off the ones that are true. If you Check almost all of them, you are doing pretty well. The ones you left unchecked show where you could use some improvement. If you left several of them unchecked, you are in the wrong career; and you are reading the right book.

  • You feel like a duck in a pond. Your work is a natural expression of your talents and personality.
  • It fits you so well that often, work is play.
  • You are proud of what you do and enjoy telling other people about it.
  • You are highly respected at work because you are so good at what you do.
  • You do not have to pretend to be someone else at work.
  • Your own best and most natural forms of creative expression are what you are paid to do.
  • The environment you work in brings out your best efforts.
  • You enthusiastically look forward to going to work most of the time.
  • Your job rewards your most important values and allows you to fulfill your goals, in
    terms of personal growth and achievement goals, income, stability, etc.
  • The result of your efforts makes a contribution that personally matters to you.
  • You don’t spend your days working for something that you don’t really care about.
  • Your job directly fulfills your work-related goals. It does not create barriers to realizing
    your other goals.
  • You like the people you work with.
  • You are on a winning team that is having a great time getting the job done.
  • A day on the job leaves you feeling energized, not burned out.

Download a PDF version of the Checklist here.