StudentsSet your career compass in the right direction now.

There’s no bigger advantage in the job market, and in life, than being one of those rare people who make the right career decision early. How many young people make a thoughtful, informed and correct career decision while they’re still in school? Too many students major in what interests them at the moment – then they either drift into a job they didn’t prepare for or find they’re not cut out for the career they studied for at all.

In one survey, 64 percent of college seniors expressed serious doubts they had picked the right major. You can be sure that has something do with why 70 percent of workers say they are less than happy with their careers.

The sooner you learn what you have the talent and the passion for, the sooner you can do something about it: You can use your school years to acquire the skills, the knowledge and fulfill the needed requirements, so you’re a perfect fit for the career you want.

Even more importantly, you can have a career that’s the perfect fit for you. You won’t be among the millions of people wasting their lives bored, unhappy, stressed out, or less than fully successful in their work. You can choose not to be a hit-and-run victim of the usual career selection process … or the lack of one.

Rockport Institute will put you on the right track. For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping intelligent young people choose a career early and wisely. We’ve done it for more than 14,000 clients, using a breakthrough system of testing and coaching we invented and continually refine, and which has earned Rockport praise by career professionals and former clients as the most effective career coaching organization anywhere.

Rockport career coaching can be the single most valuable complement to a college education. If you’re a parent wanting to help your children take full advantage of their school years and achieve a successful and fulfilling life, Rockport Institute is where it begins. Traditional college career counseling is notoriously ineffective. But Rockport is proven. Stable. The home of the most advanced methodologies and some of the best career coaches in the world.

Here some ways you can make a small investment now not just in the future, but in a future that promises maximum success and personal fulfillment:

Educational Choice is designed specifically for students who want to set their career compasses early, with full confidence in their decision. It includes the Pathfinder Career Testing Program and expert interpretation via telephone conference with a Rockport career coach. In addition, it includes up to three follow-up conferences whenever you need help at critical decision points in your education, whether that’s weeks, months or years in the future.

The Educational Choice Program was developed by Nicholas Lore, founder of Rockport Institute and one of the most respected career coaches in the world. It offers an in-depth but unintimidating way for young people to make a series of small discoveries about their talents and temperament that leads to big realizations and strong convictions about what they want to do with their lives. It is a giant leap forward over virtually all campus-based career services and old-fashioned career counseling.

Imagine always having an expert advisor waiting in the wings. When you’re at a crossroads about which courses to take, when you’re thinking about graduate school, when you have internships or other critical choices to consider, you’ll be able to call up and conference with your personal Rockport career coach for help in making wise and thoughtful decisions. There is simply no greater guarantee of honing in on a career that fits you perfectly.

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The first thing you need to know in order to set your career direction accurately is what you have a natural talent for doing well. Most of our natural gifts and abilities aren’t nearly as obvious as, say, a facility for playing the piano or throwing a football.

That’s the insight you gain from Rockport’s Pathfinder Career Testing Program: a unique, leading-edge method of learning which careers will fit you best by directly measuring your natural abilities and traits.  We measure the most important individual areas of natural talent, -those aptitudes that play a major role in professional success and satisfaction. Then we combine them into a profile that suggests the best career paths.

This comprehensive, 13-part test is built into the Pathfinder Educational Choice Program. But it’s also available a la carte if you think you can’t afford the complete package or you want to start with the first step with the option to upgrade later.

You can take the test at your leisure. You’ll receive written results along with an audio CD that explains what the test measures and how it works.  Most valuable of all is a one-hour phone conference with a Rockport staff person who will interpret the test results, answer your questions, and provide some examples of the kinds of careers that are a great fit for your natural abilities.

If you want to do a self-assessment, we strongly recommend that you combine the Career Testing Program with our book for young adults, NOW WHAT? The Young Person’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Career by Rockport founder Nicholas Lore. It’s filled with scientific and commonsense advice about all the factors you should consider, in addition to your natural talents and acquired skills, when designing your career.

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NOW WHAT? The Young Person’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Career

NOW WHAT? is the follow-up to our national top-10 best-seller, The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success.  This newest guidebook, by Rockport founder Nicholas Lore, is written specifically to give students and young adults just out of school the tools to find precisely the career that fits them like a glove.

If you opt for our Career Testing Program, or you want to get a taste for what Rockport Institute is all about before making further commitments, we recommend that you give NOW WHAT? a read. It’ll never equal the value of having your own personal Rockport coach on call to guide through designing your career, but it’s the next best thing.

Learn more about NOW WHAT?  or order it here.

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