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To plan your career path early, know your talents and temperament now.

The Pathfinder Educational Choice Program combines the unique Pathfinder Career Testing with an ongoing series of coaching sessions customized to fit your needs.  For most young people, choosing a career direction is a gradual process rather than a single point in time. You want to start heading in the right direction early, then gradually narrow your compass heading – and your course of studies – towards a specific future career.

The Educational Choice Program will be there for you throughout this entire process, giving you an edge you when you need it most. It begins with Rockport’s own multifaceted aptitude Career Testing Program – unmatched for determining a person’s natural talents and abilities. Other so-called “career” tests merely reconfirm your interests or categorize you into a handful of personality types.

The Educational Choice Program includes test interpretation and up to three subsequent sessions with your own personal Rockport career coach, available at any time throughout your education.

Some students use these sessions shortly after going through test interpretation. during which time their Rockport coach has suggested careers that would use their natural gifts to the fullest. Others students spread out these sessions over time, even over several years, using them as necessary to help with decision-making as they narrow their educational focus.

Everyone is most fulfilled doing the kind of work they have a natural facility for. But there’s more to it than that. The Educational Choice Program along with our book for young people, NOW WHAT ?, will help you appreciate and mesh your talents with your unique personality, your values, goals, how you define success and what you expect from your workplace environment. As you grow and experience the world, your Rockport coach will help you learn these things about yourself, and how they apply to your decisions, so nothing about your chosen career disappoints you.

Since most of our clients are spread all over the U.S., Canada and other countries, coaching sessions are usually done by telephone.  We are on-call whenever you need us to guide you toward a life that meets your highest hopes and expectations.

Make your education lead to a career that fits. For more than 30 years, students have relied on Rockport Institute to help distinguish what merely interests them from what they can actually do well and be passionate about. Before you commit to the program, please call us to arrange a preliminary phone conference. At that time we’ll be happy to tell you more the Educational Choice, and honestly advise whether it’s right for you.

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