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Know with confidence where you’re going and how to get there.

The Pathfinder Educational Choice Program gives any student the insight and inspiration to set his or her compass toward a fulfilling and successful career. Whether you’re a student determined to get the most from your school years or a parent who wants to help your children make thoughtful and deliberate choices about their vocation and education, this is your best opportunity to do so.

Too many people spend their working hours watching the clock and waiting for the weekend. But a job you naturally do well can be as much fun as anything else you do in life. It blurs the difference between work and play. It promises success, the respect of your colleagues, and the personal satisfaction of making a real contribution to things you care about.

The Educational Choice Program lets you understand the kind of work that comes naturally to you. You’ll be able to draw on our expert consultation and coaching over time to make critical educational decisions in light of your unique abilities and personality traits.

Here‘s what you can expect to gain:

  • An understanding of your unique profile of natural talents, traits, temperament, values and the working environment in which you’ll thrive.
  • How all these fit together into a best-fit career.
  • Consultation with a Rockport coach that you can use over time to help you make incremental, focused, thoughtful decisions about your education. Whenever you need empathetic and expert guidance, you’ll get it.
  • An education designed with purpose and direction to give you real advantages in a competitive job market.
  • Lifelong personal satisfaction with your professional pursuits – an all-to-rare occurrence among people who fall into careers by accident or faulty reasoning.

If you’re a parent, the Educational Choice Program lets you give your children all of the above gratifications, along with a few for yourself:

  • Knowing that you’ve given your children the best chance of choosing the career they’ll thrive in.
  • Ensuring that whatever you invest in their education won’t be wasted: your children’s courses of study will return real dividends.
  • Being able to offer your children exceptional counseling throughout their education, rather than notoriously unproductive college career counseling or other halfway measures.

The Educational Choice Program is designed to help you narrow your career focus, plan your education accordingly, and to be sure the time and money you commit to your education is well spent. It is not meant to meant to help college-bound students select a school based on academic strength, size, faculty-student ratio, net cost, and so. 

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