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Your best head start in life is setting your career course early.

Deciding on the best possible career direction is the most important part of any educational planning. Between the ages of 15 and 21, the way people sort out their relationship to the world around them, and leverage their educational opportunities, will profoundly influence their success and satisfaction in life.

Young people who are fortunate enough to know early and with certainty the kind of careers that will elegantly fit their unique, natural-born gifts and personalities can plan a course of study and preparation that promises an exceptionally successful and fulfilling life.

The fact is, most college graduates say that what they learned in school had too little to do with their present career.  It’s also unfortunately true that most of them will tell you they feel unhappy or neutral about the career they either chose or – just as likely – simply fell into. Ask 100 graduates if their school career counseling was a big help in determining their direction, and at best one or two might raise their hands.

How can you beat these odds and forecast with real confidence the kind of career you’ll love and be successful in, especially if you start planning for it now? If you’re a parent, how can help your children find a life of real achievement and fulfillment?

The Pathfinder Educational Choice Program is designed to help students get their compass needle pointed in the right direction.  Its systematic assessment, discovery and decision-making process incorporates Rockport’s powerful and highly acclaimed Pathfinder Career Testing Program, which for years has been helping students sort out their future direction by understanding the unique gifts and talents they were born with.  The best way to design your future career is take one further step: having on-going coaching and support at crucial decision points during your college years – to ensure you get the advice you need, when you need it.

To our leading-edge, multi-faceted aptitude assessment program, the Educational Career Choice Program adds up to three follow-up coaching sessions. These sessions can be used at any critical time during your educational years as you come up against crossroads decisions. Your personal Rockport counselor will be on hand as expert sounding board, interrogator, interpreter and coach to guide you toward making these key decisions with absolute confidence.

There is nothing more valuable – or more rare – than for young people to know their real, innate aptitudes and traits and how to apply them to a career direction and a course of study.  That’s the leg up in life and in the workplace that the Pathfinder Educational Choice Program provides … a path that makes all the difference.

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