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  • WHAT

The Rockport Career Program for Senior Executives and Professionals™ is a one-on-one, peer-level assessment, consultation and coaching engagement developed for high achievers, leaders and specialists.

  • GOAL

For most clients, the goal is to design the career or job that bests satisfies their personal perception of a rewarding and fulfilling life. It gives you the tools to define with certainty your new professional goals and the inspiration and action plan and to achieve them. Other clients have a specific situation they wish to address and deal with effectively.

  • HOW

Peer-to-peer consultation and coaching for this program is conducted exclusively by Rockport founder, best-selling author and career guru Nicholas Lore, creator of widely acknowledged advances in effective career consulting and executive coaching. Mr. Lore coaches clients through a step-by-step process of assessment, assignments, inquiry and discovery to assemble the factors that define their perfect new career/job choice or deal with the current situation. For more information about Mr. Lore, click here.


The time frame is open-ended to fit your situation and your progress in make the choices ahead of you. It may take weeks or several months.


We work with clients around the globe. Since most of them live outside our local Washington, D.C., area, they do the program via telephone or Skype. If you live or travel in the D.C. area, we welcome in-person coaching.  There is no difference in the effectiveness of the program whether done from a distance or in-person.


Because the Career Program for Senior Executives and Professionals™ involves an ongoing coaching relationship leading to important decisions about your future, it is important to make sure there is a good fit between the program and your goals and expectations. The best way to do that is to have a conference with us before you register. Please call or email the office to schedule a time when you have up to an hour to talk. During this conference, we will discuss your situation, what you want to achieve, and answer your questions.

Call us at 301-340-6600 or email us at to schedule a conference. There is no charge for this meeting.


$5500 USD


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