with emotional intelligence for a small, highly regarded consulting company that helps clients design careers they love.  Must be organized, efficient with administrative details AND be great with people.


Permanent part-time (4 days a week) $40,000 with the possibility of health care insurance

Rockport Institute is seeking a talented OFFICE MANAGER for our business – someone who also will fill the role of PERSONAL ASSISTANT to our top-10 bestselling author owner. We are a small, highly regarded company that helps clients choose and change to careers they love. 

In a nutshell, the right person must be organized, efficient, capable with office technology, love details AND be great with people. 

  •  Excellent office/business management skills. Capable of completely managing all facets of this small company’s office without close supervision. Very organized and efficient. Detail-oriented, fast, accurate, efficient and committed to producing high quality work on schedule. 
  • Enjoy working with office systems and interacting with people. A SOCIAL INTROVERT. Introvert because ours is a tiny office and you will often be the only person in the office. SOCIAL INTROVERT because you will be talking with clients and potential clients. A mix of PRACTICAL and POSSIBILITY ORIENTATED (our clients are creating a new future for themselves). Perhaps an INFJ or INFP.
  • Gifted at communicating via phone and email, informing, inspiring, and motivating potential clients to register in our programs. Comfortable and confidant speaking in-depth with a wide variety of people – from national thought-leaders to college students, senior scientists, artists, technical people, etc. 
  • A high level of cognitive and emotionally Intelligence. Quick to learn and respond. Energetic, healthy, happy, warm, positive, personally progressive, open-minded outlook. High level of integrity. 
  • Seeking a long-term position, doing exactly what is described above, and a 4 day work week, Monday through Thursday. 


Rockport Institute is a boutique professional services company, located in Rockville, MD, with one or two people in the office and several coaches who work from their own home offices. This is happy office looking over a lake on a quiet lane.

Rockport is a leader in helping people choose careers they love. Since 1981, we have helped more than 15,000 people design the perfect career for themselves. We created many of the methods now adopted by others in our field and have continually improved and refined them to bring the art of finding a fulfilling career into the 21st century. 

We are not technically non-profit but our entire focus is making a big difference in the lives of people. We are the authors of the national top-10 bestseller: The Pathfinder: How To Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success. We have been personally commended for excellence by President Clinton. In a letter to our founder, President Clinton said, “I am heartened by your efforts to empower people to lead productive and fulfilling lives…(success depends) on the dedication and commitment of individuals who, like you, care deeply about helping people reach their creative and productive potential. This represents the kind of effort our country needs.

To apply: Please send your resume and write telling why you are the one by replying to . Hint: the usual conservative, impersonal style of business cover letter is not going to light us up.

If most of the following fits, and you are thinking THAT’S ME!, send your resume and a letter saying why you are the best person for this job to:



  • Performs all aspects of office management
  • Manages our Client Relationship Management system
  • Pays bills, files taxes, maintains payroll and sales records
  • Schedules appointments and telephone calls, manages calendar and appointments, coordinates coaches with clients
  • Works independently as project manager for special projects
  • Responds to regularly occurring requests for information via phone and email, handles all communication and proofreads correspondence, answers phone inquiries
  • We use Macs but it will be easy to change if you are used to PCs.


  • Answers inquiries from prospective clients in an inspiring, motivating, and informing matter
  • Maintains strong relationships with clients
  • Manages prospects from initial contact, following up to registering
  • Creates and manages projects to promote and grow Rockport including email campaigns, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization
  • Updates our website and Social Media pages


  • Assists highly creative but somewhat disorganized owner.  


  • Detail-oriented, fast, accurate and committed to producing complete, high quality work
  • Excellent writing, proofing, and editing skills. Good analytical skills
  • Internet savvy and proficient with computer applications – We use Macs. Not a roadblock if you are used to pc.
  • Very organized, efficient and independent
  • Gifted at communicating on the phone and email with potential clients
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills. Able to handle sensitive and confidential situations with poise and tact. Comfortable and confident with a wide variety of people (from CEOs to students)
  • The ability to work independently without close supervision. Capable of managing Rockport completely
  • Committed to making a difference in others’ lives
  • Significant office experience preferred; an excellent candidate will have run or provided substantial support for a small or medium-sized business
  • Experience with bookkeeping and social media marketing preferred


  • High level of integrity and honesty
  • Intelligent (including emotional intelligence) and quick to learn and respond
  • Energetic, happy, warm, positive, personally progressive, open-minded and growth motivated
  • A mix of introversion (office management) and extroversion (talking with potentials and clients).
  • A mix of practical and possibility orientated (our clients are creating a new future for themselves)
  • Seeking a long term position

Our guidebook to career design was a top-10 national best seller, and earns rave reviews year after year: The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success

“A brilliant, passionately written book! If you want to have a career you will love, this is the one to read. I highly recommend it.” -JACK CANFIELD, Author: Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Send your resume and a letter saying why you are the best person for this job to:

If you just send a resume without taking the time to personally respond, as requested above, we probably won’t contact you.