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Schedule a conference with our director, Nicholas Lore, to find out how we can help you make the best career and personal decisions. You can meet in-person if you live near Washington, D.C., or by telephone if you live elsewhere. A telephone conference is set up just like an in-person conference. You schedule a time when you have ½ to one hour free, and then call us at the appointed day and  time. During this conference, we will discuss your situation, what you want to achieve, and answer your questions. We seek to work only in situations where what we do best is exactly what you need, in order to make the choices that stand in front of you. Please call us at 301-340-6600 or EMAIL US at to schedule a conference. There is no charge for this consultation. The point of the conversation is to take a look at what you would achieve working with us, if this would be the best way to meet your goals, and, if it is, to begin to work together. We look forward to helping you find the career of a lifetime!