STRESSFUL JOB? A new device and app gives you the key to mastering stress

There have always been tools to reduce stress: exercise, yoga, meditation and, don’t forget sex. Hopefully you’re doing things after work. But what about reducing stress NOW, in the moment, at work? Often times, you may not even notice your elevated stress level, let alone have access to a tool to reduce or eliminate it.

SPIRE is the new generation tracker that measures your breathing to help you reduce stress and also does everything older trackers can do.

You wear the tiny, revolutionary device on your belt or bra so it can record your breathing. There is an amazing range of useful data your breathing can reveal to you, much more than older trackers such as Fitbit, which only use a simple accelerometer. Spire sends data to an iPhone which coaches you to lower stress. In the future, you may want to change to a career that doesn’t stress you out so much. But for now,Spire.

spire 2


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