Instead of trying to squeeze yourself into a career, design one that fits your unique self. Finding great clues is not difficult. Here’s an example:

When I was 11 years old, I wanted to make (actually spend) more than my allowance. I needed a job. As a Cub Scout, I subscribed to Boy’s Life Magazine. There I found what seemed like the easy answer. The Cheerful Card Company ad said they would front me (a drug deal term) lots of greeting cards, no money down. All I had to do was go around my neighborhood, knocking on doors. When the cards arrived, I opened them with trembling fingers only to find that they seemed very quaint and old-fashioned. But, I persevered, and began to knock on doors.That lasted one afternoon. I was a shy kid, hardly a natural marketeer. I sold one box to a neighbor who took pity on me. I never tried again. It took many weeks of allowance to pay the cheerful people their due. I felt humiliated. But what if I was a career design detective on the case looking for clues? Here’s what I could have discovered:

1) I’m not a sales guy.

2) I have to believe in and be proud of what I’m doing.

3) I’m not going to be happy unless my work comes easily and naturally to me.

If you examine your present and past, you will find some clues about your perfect career are right there in front of you, waiting to be discovered.



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