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Young AdultsWhy waste a day of your life in the wrong career?

How can an intelligent young person, committed to choosing a new career path wisely, decide exactly which direction to pursue? Perhaps you’ve already come to realize that the job you’re in now is wrong for you. Maybe there’s too much stress. Or too little reward.  Or you’re doing things that aren’t leading to the kind of life you want.

Every day you spend there is another day wasted. Life is too short for that. You may even be working yourself ever deeper into a hole instead of climbing high. The longer you wait, the more likely you’ll find yourself trapped.

Rockport Institute is one of the world’s most recognized resources for helping thoughtful young people design careers that fit all their wants and needs. Our programs have helped more than 14,000 people discover their true callings.  These people have saved themselves from careers unworthy of their unique talents and personalities. They have come out of coaching programs absolutely confident in their new career decisions.

You may have used a college career counselor and found the experience wholly unsatisfying. Most career counselors and coaches use decades-old methods. Unlike Rockport, they don’t dig down to your true natural talents and abilities, or help you understand your core values, temperament, goals and the kind of environment you work best within, or give you the tools and motivation to piece together all the components of a career that works for you for a change. To quote one of the many reviewers you’ll find on this site:

“Rockport has literally reinvented career counseling… If you need help with choosing your career direction, traditional tools will fail you miserably. Rockport has upped the ante … raising the bar of the career counseling profession to a whole new level.”

Rockport’s founder has been commended by two U.S. presidents for his groundbreaking work. Year after year, we’ve advanced and refined our proprietary methodology to be even more precise, comprehensive, and effective.  We can help you sort out all the important factors that make for a successful and satisfying career on your terms, so you don’t have to spend your life compromising your values and spinning your wheels.

Check out the How You Benefit section to appreciate further the differences between an ill-fitting career and a tailored one.

Here’s how Rockport can help you make the right career decision once and for all:

This is a comprehensive career design program leading to making a definite and specific choice about your future work. It will take you step by step to knowing with certainty your perfect career. If you’re ready to dig deep and decide what you really should and will do with your life – if you want real insight into the building blocks of your natural talents, values, and unique personality and how to elegantly assemble them into the perfect career – you can take advantage of this acclaimed program wherever you live in the world.

In the Career Choice Program you’ll work collaboratively with your own senior Rockport career coach to understand your natural gifts and unique personality. Incrementally, through a series of conversations and assignments, you’ll discover the essential facets of a perfect-fit career, define it with precision, and know how to go about making it a reality.  You’ll have the facts in front of you that leave no doubt about what you want to do with your life.

Find out more about Pathfinder Career Choice here.

Imagine you had a definitive catalog of the things you do well: the talents you were born with, the gifts that will be with you for your lifetime. These abilities are at the heart of every successful, fulfilling and enjoyable career.  They are exactly what our unique Career Testing Program is designed to reveal. It’s a comprehensive 13-part assessment that you can do in the comfort of your home. It includes not only a written summary and an audio CD explaining how our test methodology works, but also a one-hour telephone conference with a Rockport staff member who will interpret the results, answer your questions, and offer suggestions of the kinds of careers your natural talents point to.

If you don’t think you can afford the complete Pathfinder Career Choice Program, or aren’t ready to commit to a deep dive into all the elements that need to be accounted for in your career design, the Pathfinder Career Testing Program is best alternative – especially when you combine it with our book, NOW WHAT? The Young Person’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Career by Rockport founder Nicholas Lore. Put them together and you’ll have the tools with which to make an accurate self-assessment and to custom design your future.

Learn more about Pathfinder Career Testing here.