What People Are Saying About Rockport – Career Testing

Quotes from Career Choice Clients

“I highly recommend Rockport Institute’s career choice program, which gives you access to a personal career coach to guide you through the research and decision-making process. I can’t count the number of times that I wanted to quit, or hit a wall in my thinking, and my career coach was there to give me constructive feedback or reassure me that I was on the right track. Having that support and guidance made all the difference to finally making a decision on my new career path.

“I just can’t thank you enough for the exciting changes your Career Choice Program (has) brought to my life.”

“I am much happier and earning much more than I was.”

“The Career Choice program greatly exceeded my expectations.”

“Tremendous effect…on my business and personal life.”

“This was a definite turning point in my life.”

“After several years of indecision, the program empowered me to make a specific career choice.”

“I needed a 180 degree shift and the Rockport Institute turned me in the right direction.” “Expert guidance”

“I am eagerly looking forward to doing something with my life that really feels right for me.”

“Your genuine personal interest…helped me to make these changes. Never before has anyone believed in me so much.”

“Thank you for turning my life around!”

“The counseling sessions enabled me, step by step, to choose the one career and begin doing it.”

“Most of all, thank you for my power to decide, commit and act.”

“I wish I had done this 25 years ago!” “…has helped me to choose to change my entire life – in a positive direction.”

“I…warmly recommend the Rockport Institute to anyone who has a desire to make a career change or improve their present employment.”

“I was hoping for a miracle. I got one.”

“Many of the apprehensions about going into a new position have been eliminated.”

“I believe that the process at Rockport is a very successful way to face these issues, realize that one is not alone, and put what appears to be a crisis situation back into perspective. Only in that way can one begin to take action.”

“In my case, it did me a great deal of good to discover that many of my natural instincts in terms of career choice had been good all along; I just hadn’t had the self-confidence to trust them and move ahead.

“The usefulness of my…program with Rockport continues to be apparent almost every day and the results have been extraordinary.”

“Very excited about this new career direction.”

“Since the program, the doubts which can be so immobilizing are gone, and now I know exactly what I’m going to do.”

“Nicholas Lore has created the most comprehensive career change decision-making tools available today. His approach breaks down the process of choosing a career that fits you like a glove into small, manageable steps, thereby reducing the likelihood that overwhelm will take over and cause you to quit.”