The Rockport Difference

For 30 years, Rockport has been inventing and refining a far more comprehensive and personalized approach. Here are a few of the ways we’ve changed the playing field and helped thousands of people find more fulfilling careers:
  • We created the first truly effective whole-person career choice process. A truly satisfying career has to sync with a lot more than your skills or interests or a few personality factors. Our methodology uncovers and takes into account:
    • Your natural talents and inborn aptitudes
    • Traits that range from your temperament and personality to your personal philosophy
    • Your sense of meaning and/or purpose
    • Your ideal workplace environment
    • The harmony between your goals and values and workplace rewards
  • We introduced the concept of career coaching as opposed to mere counseling. There’s a big distinction here. In part it’s the difference between a counselor being an assumed expert, like a doctor, with all the answers, and a coach being both an expert and your equal partner skilled at helping you find clarity and direction from within. Your personal Rockport career coach helps you get focused and get traction via a series of inquiries and discoveries about yourself that add up to real certainty about your wants, needs, abilities and career direction.
  • We offer one of the world’s most effective assessments your natural talents and gifts. What you naturally do well is what you naturally enjoy doing: your innate abilities are the most important building blocks of a successful and satisfying career. Whereas most career assessments settle for determining your interests and basic personality profile, our multi-part Pathfinder Career Testing Program articulates talents you probably didn’t know you had. These tests are a quantum leap ahead of anything you’ll find online or in a career counselor’s office, and come with an audio CD to guide you smoothly through the process.
  • Rockport’s process is wholly personal. It’s not just an interview. It’s not a computer analysis. It’s not a hurried process. It doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all formula. At Rockport, your coach is your partner as you work together through an iterative process of exploration and discovery. In some of our programs, the coaching continues until you are passionately convinced and confident in your own career decision.
  • Your selected Rockport program will represent 30 years of continual R&D. We don’t rely on the past – not even our own. Our programs today represent three decades of continual research, inquiry, and advancement. We were early adopters of the principles of W. Edwards Deming – the world’s most respected advocate of continuous improvement systems – and we have practiced them ever since.

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