The insights I got in the Rockport Career Testing Program gave me everything I needed to know about myself, including exactly what jobs fit me best. I had done several career tests before; this is way beyond those in depth and usefulness. In fact, the knowledge I gained about myself has changed my life in many ways. – Victoria D., Richmond, VA

Know your natural talents, and how to put them to work

Everyone is born with a unique set of talents and abilities that make them uniquely qualified to do specific sets of tasks. It’s vital that you know what these are. These talents are wholly different from interests and the acquired knowledge or skill sets that most other career aptitude tests measure. What you’ve learned to do may not be what you really enjoy doing. And what you fantasize about doing – from being a forest ranger to playing in the NBA – may not be what you have the talent or temperament for at all.

That makes the Pathfinder Career Testing Program the most powerful tool available for calibrating your compass toward a career you’ll thrive in. Unlike other tests, which result in a simple set of clinical stats and data, the Rockport test provides a unique combination of science and art. It is highly personal with the one-to-one interpretation done in the context of your real life. It goes far beyond telling you what you already know about your interests and skill sets. It goes deeper than personality tests like Myers-Briggs in revealing the kind of work you naturally do well and that naturally leads to success, respect and fulfillment.

The Pathfinder Career Testing Program provides:

  • Comprehensive, proprietary career aptitude testing designed by experts with 35+ years’ experience in career design and career assessment
  • One-to-one consultation with an expert career coach that helps you interpret your results, making sure you understand what was measured and how it impacts you in the real world
  • Your individual and unique talent profile that not only gives you an empowered and realistic new understanding of how you are wired, but also goes far beyond past performance or experience, to provide essential insights for zeroing in on a satisfying and successful career
  • A clear picture of how your many natural gifts combine to define the kind of careers at which you would excel, and that promise you maximum success, fulfillment, self-expression, and appreciation.
  • New information about yourself and perspectives which you can use to evaluate, negotiate, modify, and/or find new job opportunities that are better aligned with your natural talents and abilities and temperament

Pathfinder Career Testing is built into the Career Choice Program, Rockport’s most comprehensive career coaching process. If you feel you’re not yet ready for Career Choice or you don’t feel you can afford it, Career Testing will give you an invaluable push in the right direction. If you want to design a career that fits everything important to you, and create an action plan for making it happen, consider the career choice program.


This program has been widely commended by educational institutions, psychologists, career experts, and the media.

Here’s what the Governor of New Jersey had to say:

“It is my pleasure to extend warm greetings and to thank you for helping countless individuals realize their talents as they develop their careers. Those who dedicate their time, efforts and skills to help others are among the most valued members of any community. As one of the most creative and influential voices in career development, your work has made a lasting change to the field and made it easier for people to find careers they love. People whose work fits their talents and personalities have an extraordinary advantage in the workplace. Your contribution to understanding and testing human abilities is an outstanding achievement.”

JAMES E. McGREEVEY, former Governor of New Jersey
Monica Rose
Watch an overview of the Pathfinder Career Testing Program with Rockport coach Monica Rose.
Monica Rose
Watch an overview of the Pathfinder Career Testing Program with Rockport coach Monica Rose.

Pathfinder Career Testing Program

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Why Rockport?

At Rockport Institute, we’ve been a catalyst for change for more than 35 years, coaching thousands of individuals to identify their best career fit, transition to a new career and transform their lives. Here’s what differentiates us:

35+ years of experience, commended by 2 U.S. presidents, 400,000+ readers of our best selling career change book

Our founder, Nicholas Lore, is the leading creator of career design technology and originator of the field of career coaching. The testing and methodology he developed has been taught at Stanford and is recommended by other top-tier universities.

Rockport coaches are the most highly-trained and experienced in the industry and you will be expertly paired with the best coach for you.

Your program is completely individualized to your needs, situation and goals.

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