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Austin, TX

“The career testing offered by Lore’s company, Rockport Institute, is brilliant. Again, I had done lots of testing for aptitudes, preferences and interests before, but none of those methods really hit the nail on the head as the Rockport approach did. It took me a while to see what the difference really was, but as I got deeper into the career exploration process, it all started to make sense. Now I know that what I learned from the testing results alone will make a huge difference as I navigate my way through my newly chosen career path.”

Mary T.

Wilmington, DE

“What I learned from the Rockport testing was that my natural abilities do not lend themselves to the work I’d been doing. It was no wonder that every day had been a struggle…I hope that news of Rockport Institute travels quickly because there are so many people out there who have settled for unsatisfying careers.”

James A.

Long Island, NY

“When it became clear from my Career Aptitude Profile that sales was not for me, I began working on a free-lance basis in computer software applications, and programming. My services quickly became in high demand, and I was able to work as much as I wished, earning top rates for my services.”

Allison C.

Columbia, IL

“One month ago, when I was considering taking the Rockport test, I was hoping for a miracle. I got one. Thank you for turning my life around.”

Keen W.

Los Angeles, CA

“Rockport’s testing made a major contribution to me. It helped me identify my strengths …and acknowledge and accept those areas where I was less willing and effective. Armed with this new information I was in a much better position to consider careers that would work for me.”

Melissa W.

So. Boston, VA

“The clarity and confidence that that I gained out of doing the Rockport Pathfinder Career Aptitude test continues to be invaluable in helping me shape decisions I make not only about my work, but my life!”

Raymond H.

Newnan, GA

“Rockport gives you a new way of looking at your career and your life that lets you make better choices based on your understanding of yourself, your values and what you’re really looking for.”


Long Island, NY

“The testing was good for me too because all of the things I thought were my biggest flaws and keeping me from my ‘true career’ turned out to be my biggest assets. What a relief! Now when I begin to get discouraged or float off course or out to sea, I look back at my testing and it brings it all back to me… I thank you for making a very big difference in my life and for having the commitment to make me see that I can make the difference that is so important to me.”

Kent B.

Raleigh, NC.

“I am writing to thank you for the wonderful information I received from taking part in the Rockport Institute testing program. It was helpful both in helping me to make a career change and in finding out things about myself that had largely gone unnoticed before this time. Most of all, it gave me an overall picture of my abilities and my special needs that have to be met in order to make the best career choice.

Robert G.

Washington, D.C.

“I never dreamed the tests would reveal so much and provide such insight.”

Grace T.

Atlanta, GA

“It was the first time in my life that I could see in black and white a summary of where my talents lie.”

Phillip K.

San Diego, CA

“(The testing) helped me to realize that a person can be in the correct general environment, but still be unhappy because they are not in the correct job in that environment. Your testing helps an individual to find the niche that will suit him best…I could not have gotten to this point without your help.”

Sath K.

Houston, TX

“I always knew when I was growing up, that inside I was genuinely great and intelligent. But, as I grew older, somehow I was never able to express it. I felt a growing sense of frustration, inability and tiredness trying to function in a world in which it seemed I should be performing well. As a result of taking the Rockport program, I now understand the reasons for this frustration. I discovered that I did have aptitudes that were so high as to be ‘off the scale,’ what they were, what they meant and that because I had not been challenging these aptitudes enough, I was feeling continually frustrated and unsuccessful. I also discovered that the activity I had been pursuing was requiring the use of abilities that I did not have to a high degree. No wonder I felt strained. Now I feel a new sense of exhilaration and freedom; of much more unbounded potential for success. I can now make confident decisions.”

Jamie T.

Baltimore, MD

“In my case, it did me a great deal of good to discover that many of my natural instincts in terms of career choice had been good all along: I just hadn’t had the self-confidence to trust them and move ahead.”

Maurice L.

New York, NY

“The program enlightened me about so many aspects of myself that it made my career opportunities clearer to me than they have ever been before. The program made it possible to clear away all the fog that accompanied the early part of my career search and to focus on the careers that are really right for me.”

Renee H.

Cleveland, OH

“Now I feel a new sense of exhilaration and freedom; of much more unbounded potential for success….”

Betty P.

Denver, CO

“Thanks very much for helping me to know myself better. My confidence has soared!”

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