Client Stories

Anita, 51 years old

Now: Senior management in a Bureau of the Federal Government,
Washington, DC

“I came to Rockport because I was convinced that I needed a career change. I was so stressed by work, I was having severe anxiety, trouble sleeping, and dreaded going to work each day. Working with my coach, for the first time, I understood what was most important to me and what I wanted. I also determined exactly which things were stressing me at work and, also, realized, aside from those – my work was a really good fit. I was in a position to really the way the government works and could make a difference for a nation of people. With new insights and some guidance from my coach, I was able to have some key conversations and rearrange my roles and responsibilities where I was. Instead of a change – I found a renewed pride and engagement where I already was. I have already referred two family members to Rockport.”

Marty, 31 years old

Now: Wilderness rescue pilot, the Western U.S.A.

“I found a copy of The Pathfinder and started reading it.  It made sense and had an approach I hadn’t seen before.  Since leaving the military, I had worked in a number of different jobs (including waiting tables and working at a gym).  I knew I liked to spend a lot of time in the natural world and that I enjoyed mechanical things and biology, but I had no idea what direction to take.  The only way I know if I like something, or am good at it, is to do it.  How could I make a decision about what to do with my life if I had never tried it.  My coach helped me see the building blocks of what I was good at and what I enjoyed.  We made a list of “essential components” of work that fit my preferences and skills, and we worked out a plan for me to ‘experiment’ with different jobs.  I shadowed people at work, did volunteer work, spent a few months working at different places, until I found work that really fits who I am – who I am spiritually, mentally and physically.  My coach helped me fit it all together and create a step-by-step plan to get where I wanted.  The only part of the military I enjoyed was flying planes.  I didn’t think I would get to do it again when I left.  Now, I get to have an adventure every day and do something that I am good at and that most people can’t or wouldn’t choose to do.  I don’t think it would have happened without the work I did with Rockport.”

Caroline, 42 years old

Now: Leadership Consultant, Seattle Washington

“I was an unhappy attorney.  A fancy school and a fancy degree and a lot of tuition debt paid off, and I was coming home every night and complaining to my husband about my job.  I felt angry all the time and didn’t enjoy the culture I’d experienced at law firms.  A friend recommended me to Rockport and I am forever grateful he did.  I have very high expectations for myself and care deeply about being both successful and fulfilled with my work.  My career choices had afforded me a certain lifestyle and status that I didn’t want to give up.  I had no idea how to have it all – but I wanted to figure it out.  My first two coaching sessions, I cried.  I was starting to realize how far away from what I cared about my work had become.  Working with my coach, I defined the elements that were critical for me to be both happy and successful.  We outlined workplace culture and dynamics, my desired roles and responsibilities, the impact I wanted to have on the planet.  We also talked about the realities of the marketplace, opportunities, and my hire-ability.  As soon as I got clear about what it was I wanted, and what I would and would not compromise about – I got into action.  I was offered a position with the first three consulting groups I spoke with.  I was so confident about what it was I wanted and had done my research.  I was on fire.  I finally choose to work with a group who had a philosophy and approach to working with people in a way that matched mine.  There is still a lot up in the air about exactly what my future holds and I have many more decisions to make, but I feel prepared and clear about my abilities and my bigger goals and priorities than I ever thought I would.  I am on a great path for me.  Thank you, Rockport.”