Our career guidance will help you identify a career direction where you’ll be highly successful and fulfilled, so you can set or change your course of study accordingly. Then with continued career counseling, tweak it as you go along. That way, you won’t just invest in education, you’ll be investing in a future that promises maximum success and personal fulfillment.

There is nothing more valuable – or more rare – than for young people to know their real, innate aptitudes and traits and how to apply them to a career direction and a course of study. That’s the leg up in life and in the workplace that the Rockport Educational Choices Program provides … a path that makes all the difference — Rockport Founder, Nicholas Lore

If you’re a parent, the Educational Choices Program enables you to:

  • Give your children the best chance of choosing a career in which they’ll thrive.
  • Ensure that your children won’t be one of the majority that leave college without a clear sense of direction.
  • Make sure your investment in their education won’t be wasted: your children’s courses of study will return real dividends.
  • Provide expert individualized support if they are confused about a future direction
  • Know they are making practical choices based on sound data and relevant information
  • Offer your children exceptional career counseling, rather than limit them to notoriously unproductive high school or campus-based career services.
  • Help your children find careers where they are self-expressed and fulfilled as well as successful
  • Empower your children to make the right decisions and design a plan of action

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What is the Rockport Educational Choices program?

The Educational Choices Program offers an in-depth but unintimidating way for young people to make a series of discoveries about their talents and temperament that leads to big realizations about what they want to do with their lives. Its systematic assessment, discovery and decision-making process incorporates Rockport’s powerful and highly acclaimed Pathfinder Career Testing Program, which for years has been helping students sort out their future direction by understanding the unique gifts and talents they were born with. The best way to design your future career is take one further step: having on-going coaching and support at crucial decision points during your college years – to ensure you get the advice you need, when you need it.

What you and your student can expect to gain from the program:

  • An understanding of their unique profile of natural talents, traits, temperament, values and the working environment in which they’ll thrive.
  • Multiple consultations with a senior Rockport coach/counselor that can be used over time to help make incremental, focused, thoughtful decisions about their education. When they need empathetic and expert guidance, they’ll get it.
  • An education designed with purpose and direction to give them real advantages in a competitive job market. They will be pursuing what they are naturally good at.
  • Leverage Rockport’s nationally commended expertise in helping young people make choices that lead to lifelong personal satisfaction in their professional pursuits.
  • The Pathfinder Career Testing Program: a series of many specific career aptitude and personality trait tests
  • Written test results and 90-minute audio: You’ll receive a test results document, written materials, and an in-depth audio that explains the areas we measured and why, as well as what the results in each indicate
  • Expert results interpretation via 90-minute telephone conference with a senior Rockport counselor. You, your student and your Rockport guide will talk over your unique situation in depth. You’ll get a clear sense of how their natural abilities and personality fit together. And you’ll receive suggestions about specific careers that best express their strengths.
  • An extended follow-up phone conference when they need help at a critical decision point in their education, whether that’s weeks, months or years in the future.

Why Rockport?

At Rockport Institute, we’ve been a catalyst for change for more than 35 years, coaching thousands of individuals to identify their best career fit, transition to a new career and transform their lives. Here’s what differentiates us:

35+ years of experience, commended by 2 U.S. presidents, 400,000+ readers of our best selling career change book

Our founder, Nicholas Lore, is the leading creator of career design technology and originator of the field of career coaching. The methodology he developed has been taught at Stanford and is recommended by other top-tier universities.

Rockport coaches are the most highly-trained and experienced in the industry and you will be expertly paired with the best coach for you.

Your program is completely unique to you, designed to meet your individual goals and fit your situation and personality.

Now What? The Yong Person's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Career, by Nicholas Lore

Nicholas Lore has followed up his best-selling The Pathfinder with a guidebook specifically designed to help students and young adults make the kind of timely career decisions they will never regret later. NOW WHAT? The Young Person’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Career is the ideal antidote to drifting through school, picking a major in hit-or-miss fashion, falling into careers by accident, and learning the hard way what you don’t like doing.

“Long story short, young people often don’t know what they really want, and this book is a useful tool, complete with diagnostic tests, for them to figure it out.”
– Reader review


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