Career Testing Program


Natural Talents and Abilities testing program. Includes one Results Interpretation coaching session.



The Pathfinder Career Testing Program is perfectly designed to provide you with new and critical information about your Natural Talents, Abilities and Traits.  Included in the Testing Program is a single Results Interpretation coaching session during which you work directly with a senior Rockport coach to make sure you understand your unique abilities profile and how to use that information to make quality decisions and pursue great-fit career options.  There are two versions of this program: Mid-Career and Students and Young Adults.  The Mid-career version is for adults with work experience beyond formal schooling.  It is the appropriate choice even if you are considering going back to school or seeking additional training. The Students and Young Adults version is for teens (age 16+) and younger adults with more school experience than workplace experience.  This program provides coaching specialized in providing direction and guidance into further education, training, or early career path.  Please indicate which version is most appropriate for you or the person you are registering.   Please call or email the main office if you are unclear which program is more appropriate.

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